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    Mental health: It’s okay to NOT be okay

    It’s a familiar phrase, but worth repeating. It really is okay to NOT be okay.

    I don’t tend to post much really personal stuff in public, either here or on my open socials (Instagram, etc). I’m aiming to change that, though, so that people can see ME. I know how I appear to others may be the happy, confident (😳), positive Sez… and I am those things! Or at least, I act on BE-ing those things. But that’s not the whole story. That’s not MY whole story.

    I’ve had a few struggles with my mental health recently and I want to share what that means for me. Not for attention. Not because it’s ‘cool’ to TMI-overshare (yeah, nah). But because, even in the year 20-freaking-20, there’s such a stigma about mental health even though it affects literally everyone. Either personally themselves, or someone they know.

    TW: Discussion of depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

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    Where in the world is Sez? An update!

    two whales in the water

    Hello visitors and friends! I apologise for my general silence. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since I got back from Hervey Bay in August (!!). I thought I’d take the opportunity of this long weekend to give you an update on what’s been happening.

    I realise that title is a bit misleading – whoops! 😬 I’m still here in Australia and no immediate plans for overseas travel, obviously! (Though I’ve been getting daily reminders from Facebook – exactly this time last year I was in Canada! 😭) COVID certainly had other plans for everyone this year, the least of which was any non-domestic travel.

    So what’s been happening?

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    An apology

    …and a long overdue update!!

    I’m SO sorry I fell off the wagon with the updates on my Canada trip. I had the greatest of intentions – I promise! – but then the universe began a bit of a pile on and the wheels fell off.

    The big item, personally, is that we’ve been preparing to move house (in mid-Feb) which has involved not only packing/chucking stuff but also finding a new place to live.

    Added to that, my sister (who has multiple sclerosis – MS) will need to start a new treatment, in hospital, right at the time our lease is due to end! 😬 Which meant we would be potentially moving out of place A, moving into place B (yet to be found!), massive move out clean of place A, and driving my sister to-and-from the Gold Coast every day… all in the one week! 😱 Cue stress overload!

    Thankfully, we found out today that our lease at our current place will be extended an additional month. That will allow us more time to find a new place, get my sister’s treatment done with, and get moved without sending us into nervous breakdown territory. PHEWWW…

    On top of all that has been the horrifying news, videos and images of my country burning in these horrendous bushfires. (I haven’t been personally affected, thank god, but seeing so much devastation is like a punch to the gut.) When the news, day in and day out, is so heart-wrenching it’s hard to find the motivation to be creative or upbeat. The fire situation has eased somewhat – for now – but fires are STILL burning around the country and we still have the rest of summer to get through yet. February, historically, is bloody awful for bushfires. I’m just hoping that’s not the case this year… 🥺

    If you would like to donate to the bushfire causes, I’ll pop some links at the bottom of this post.

    Anyway, all of THAT *gestures above* is why I haven’t been updating. Online, at least. I have lots of the trip stuff written down (yes, I still rely on ye olde pen and paper when on holiday!) so I just need to type it up.

    Rockies Premium Tour, Day 2 will be up this weekend! (It’s a long weekend in Australia so I have a bit more time up my sleeve!)

    Donate to the Australian bushfires

    WIRES – NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Emergency Services
    Foodbank (providing essential supplies to survivors)
    GIVIT’s Bushfire Appeal
    Victorian Bushfire Appeal
    SA Bushfire Appeal
    RSPCA – NSW and VIC
    ABC.net.au – List of charities/services helping the communities