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    Mental health: It’s okay to NOT be okay

    It’s a familiar phrase, but worth repeating. It really is okay to NOT be okay.

    I don’t tend to post much really personal stuff in public, either here or on my open socials (Instagram, etc). I’m aiming to change that, though, so that people can see ME. I know how I appear to others may be the happy, confident (😳), positive Sez… and I am those things! Or at least, I act on BE-ing those things. But that’s not the whole story. That’s not MY whole story.

    I’ve had a few struggles with my mental health recently and I want to share what that means for me. Not for attention. Not because it’s ‘cool’ to TMI-overshare (yeah, nah). But because, even in the year 20-freaking-20, there’s such a stigma about mental health even though it affects literally everyone. Either personally themselves, or someone they know.

    TW: Discussion of depression, anxiety and panic attacks.