Who is Sarah Gower?

That’s why you’re here, right? ‘Who is Sarah Gower?’ Well first, let’s just go with Sez. It’s what I’m mostly known by in the community.

So what to know about me? The bullet-point version is:

  • I’m Australian, based in Queensland
  • Love landscape and wildlife photography
  • Super passionate about whales and whale watching
  • Would gladly spend most of the year travelling
  • At my happiest on a boat with a camera in hand
  • Camera: Sony Alpha 7R Mark III
  • Favourite holiday: Cook Islands 2018
  • Social: Mostly found haunting Instagram (@sarahmgower)
  • Moderator of Whales Australia (IG: @whales_australia; FB: @whalesaustralia)

You can find more of my work on Instagram under the #whalesbysez tag (whale photos) or #travelswithsez tag (travel fun!).

About sarahmgower.com

This site has been through a few different incarnations over the years but I’m trying to go more graphics/photos lite – not easy for a photographer! – and bump up the writing. I miss sharing the written word! (Way back in ye olde days old lady emoji, I spent a LOT of time on a particular online blogging site. see no evil monkey emoji Yep, guilty!)

More is coming! Particularly about the trips I took in 2018 and 2019. With international and domestic borders basically closed, I think most of us don’t mind hearing travel tales!

My plan is also to share a lot more tips about photography, whale watching and travel. Plus a few exciting events to come… like my brand new whale photography tours in 2021! party popper emoji


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