As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on the site, I’m a passionate whale watcher and have been going whale watching for over 10 years. Below are some of my favourite and most popular posts about whales and whale watching in Australia.

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Featured stories

migaloo the whale splashes his white tail out of the water

Migaloo - The White Whale

Who is Migaloo? Migaloo is the famous albino southern humpback whale seen in Australian waters. Read on for more information and three close enounters with the amazing Migaloo.

humpback whale breaching in front of city skyline

How to take whale photos - my top 10 tips!

So you want to know how to take photos of whales? I can help! Here are my top 10 tips for whale photography, specifically of humpback whales!

mother and baby humpback whale

My Top Whale Watching Encounters

My top 7 (yes, favourite!) encounters while whale watching in Australia. Featuring the mighty southern humpback whale... and Mr Migaloo!

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Where to go whale watching in Australia