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    It’s time for the Good News!

    Yikes! It has been a Big Weekend (well, and end of last week!). So I thought it was time to share some of the good news!

    • The Travel Bootcamp ❤
    • Only one week left until the webinar disappears! 😱
    • Launch of my online store! 🛒

    So let’s dig in!

    The Travel Bootcamp

    This weekend was the very first VIRTUAL event from the awesome team at The Travel Bootcamp (TBC)! I had previously bought my ticket for the in-person event (originally scheduled for July in Melbourne) before COVID shut it all down, so the ladies decided to pivot and hold an online event.

    And it was spectacular!! So much information. So much inspiration. My brain is buzzing with ideas and a few questions too. I also know where my pain points are coming up so I’m ready to do some work. 💪

    The best part of the two-day event was two friends (Fiona aka Playful Lens and Sally from Get Out There Adventures) and I were invited down to the Gold Coast where TBC was being held… so we could take part in person! 🤩

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    Mental health: It’s okay to NOT be okay

    It’s a familiar phrase, but worth repeating. It really is okay to NOT be okay.

    I don’t tend to post much really personal stuff in public, either here or on my open socials (Instagram, etc). I’m aiming to change that, though, so that people can see ME. I know how I appear to others may be the happy, confident (😳), positive Sez… and I am those things! Or at least, I act on BE-ing those things. But that’s not the whole story. That’s not MY whole story.

    I’ve had a few struggles with my mental health recently and I want to share what that means for me. Not for attention. Not because it’s ‘cool’ to TMI-overshare (yeah, nah). But because, even in the year 20-freaking-20, there’s such a stigma about mental health even though it affects literally everyone. Either personally themselves, or someone they know.

    TW: Discussion of depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

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    Where in the world is Sez? An update!

    two whales in the water

    Hello visitors and friends! I apologise for my general silence. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since I got back from Hervey Bay in August (!!). I thought I’d take the opportunity of this long weekend to give you an update on what’s been happening.

    I realise that title is a bit misleading – whoops! 😬 I’m still here in Australia and no immediate plans for overseas travel, obviously! (Though I’ve been getting daily reminders from Facebook – exactly this time last year I was in Canada! 😭) COVID certainly had other plans for everyone this year, the least of which was any non-domestic travel.

    So what’s been happening?

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    New online event – come and learn about whale photography!

    Did you hear the news? I’m offering a new online event, all about whale watching and whale photography!

    After I posted my ‘top tips’ instastory and blog post a couple of months back, people had LOTS more questions. There were so many more things I wanted to cover!

    While I would LOVE to share my knowledge through in-person whale photography tours 😍 it’s not so easy to do in this world of COVID-19.

    Enter… the online event. It will be an hour-long webinar-style event and I’ll share with you some things I’ve learned whale watching the last 10 years. That will include things like:

    • What camera settings to use
    • Where (geographically) you can find whales – and which types!
    • Behaviours you’ll see the whales do
    • General tips when taking photos of whales (or wildlife, generally)
    • How to avoid or minimise seasickness

    Yep, I’m even going to cover off a few tips to help you be comfortable on a boat! I know not everyone has a cast iron stomach…

    I would love for you to join me at the event. I’m even going to prepare a ‘handout’ (what’s the online equivalent of a handout? ‘eBook’? 🤔) for attendees which will have a lot of the information I’m discussing.

    To sign up for Whale watching and how to get those awesome photos!, CLICK THE LINK to secure your ticket/access.

    As for the in-person whale photography tours/workshops? Well, I’m not ruling those out just yet. Keep an eye out for 2021! 🤞

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    It’s Giveaway Time! Free print up for grabs!

    A few days ago I finally passed something of a milestone I’d set for myself a while back… 2000 followers on my Instagram account! To celebrate, and say thank you to everyone who has followed and supported me, I decided to giveaway one of my prints to one lucky follower.

    Plot twist: The print that I’m giving away (the breaching photo shown below) wasn’t the original choice! In fact, I was ready to go with a different image when I made the very last minute decision to go with the breach shot instead! The main reason being that it is now my most liked post (EVER) on Instagram. So obviously it’s popular!

    Anyway, if you’d like to enter, please see the Instagram post embedded below for details, or you can click here.

    But be warned – entries close 6pm AUEST this Tuesday (8 September) so you’ll need to get in quick!