‘Whale photography tours in 2021?’ Yes, you read that correctly.The secret is out…

I am running whale photography tours this year! party popper emoji

And I am SUPER excited to get the chance to share my knowledge with you in person.

Please fill in your details below if you want to be one of the first to hear about tour details as they’re finalised (e.g. dates). smiling emoji


Whale photography tour details (so far)

I don’t have all the details just yet as we’re still a few months away from the season starting. Things like dates still need to be decided BUT I do have a bit of a sneak peek at what the tours will look like. Read on:

  • Group size: Limited to about 6-8 people (min. 4) – not too crowded and plenty of 1:1 time if you need help or have questions!
  • Trip duration: About 3-4 hours long (initially, anyway – I’m looking at some longer options in other locations)
  • Locations: I’m starting with the Tweed/Gold Coast area first but still looking at options for other regions (e.g. Hervey Bay)
  • Dates: Tours likely to start around mid-late-June… but this will depend on the weather and the all-important whales!
photo of humpback whale spyhopping
Come and take photos of me!

Please email me or send me a DM on my socials if you have any other questions at all.

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