Top Tips for Whale Photography

and how YOU can get those awesome whale photos!

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“What are your top tips for whale photography?”

I have lost count how often I’ve been asked that question (or some variation of it) so here’s your answer you’ve been looking for.

If you’ve ever wanted a quick insight into how to take great whale photos, check this out! This FREE ebook includes:

🐋 My Top 10 (PLUS ONE!) tips for capturing those awesome whale photos that make peoples’ jaws drop.

📷 The best bits of what I’ve learnt over 10+ years of whale watching – suggested camera settings, what gear to use, and what to look for.


📋 a BONUS checklist for a day of whale watching. What items you need to take with you to make sure your day on the water is comfortable AND memorable.

The ebook is 7 pages chock-a-block full of the stuff I’ve learnt over many years of whale watching in Australian waters, both with and without a camera in my hand.

Because taking good whale photos isn’t JUST about the camera gear or what settings you should use.

It’s also about the whales themselves.

I cover that and more in this freebie. The best part is you can print it out and take it with you!

(Though I don’t suggest reading it on the boat. Conditions could be windy or wet and neither of those mix terribly well with paper. Embarrassed sweating emoji)

What does the ebook cover?

Camera settings

Shutter speed, autofocus -
I'll cover these and more

Camera gear

I'll share my thoughts on camera vs phone, plus what gear you'll need... or WON'T need

Tips & Tricks

My go-to tips which I still use every season - you get the benefit of my experience

...and a whole lot more!

Does this sound like you now?

waah emoji You struggle taking whale photos
see no evil monkey emoji Your shots are blurry or missed completely
mind blown emoji You have no idea when it comes to settings
shrugging woman emoji You’re not sure if you have the right gear to do the job
It’s all just too hard, right?

With these top tips for whale photography you'll:

tick mark emoji  Have a better idea of what gear and settings you can use to:
👉🏻 improve your whale photography, and
👉🏻 help you get that awesome shot

tick mark emoji  Know some of the dos and don’ts of whale watching (and whale photography)

…and most importantly…

tick mark emoji  Be more confident taking whale photos!

So, what are you waiting for?

If you want some quick and easy tips to help you take amazing whale photos, click the button below.

The ebook will be in your inbox before you can blink! *

* No guarantees are made about speed of email delivery. Unfortunately, I don’t control email servers or the Interwebs.

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Author spotlight

Sez has been whale watching every year for the past 10 years and has been serious about wildlife photography, and particularly whale photography, for the last five years. Her passion is sharing her experiences with these gentle giants, showing the inquisitive, playful nature of these marine mammals and inspiring others to go out whale watching to experience it for themselves.

For fun whale adventures, come follow me on instagram!

Sarah Gower

NOTE: These top tips were originally posted as a blog entry, which is why this is a free resource, however the tips have been updated for this ebook and put into a printable PDF format. The bonus checklist has also been added, bringing the ebook ‘bundle’ to 8 pages.

Whale Photography Tours in 2021

Have you heard the news?

I’m running whale photography tours in 2021!

In the Tweed/Gold Coast area to start but I’m looking at a few other locations too – more announcements coming soon.

Click the link below for more info and sign up for the updates list if you’d like to be first to hear all the news and details about the tours, including when bookings open!

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