30 September 2019
My third full day in Canada started super early to meet the Discover Canada Tours group and tour bus at Canada Place. (Out of the 25+ people on the bus, over half a dozen were Australian. 😂) Our guides were Joe and Matt. The tour I chose was the 5 days Rockies Premium Tour and so glad I did. The tour hit all the major spots of the Canadian Rockies that I wanted to see/visit plus a few I wasn’t even aware of!

You’d never believe it but 12 hours on a bus? Actually a LOT more tiring than you’d think!

Vancouver, BC to Revelstoke, BC

I’m going to hit this with reasonably short and sharp bits because we did quite a few spots and saw a LOT heading up into the mountains. Plus the tour was (now) three months ago 😭 and my memory ain’t what it used to be! (Note to self: Please start writing place names down.)

Hope, BC

Not sure if this guy is meant to be a wizard or…?

Our first stop mid-morning-ish was Hope, BC which is famous for being a main shooting location for the original “Rambo”. Hope is also making a name for itself in wood carving, with an incredible amount of wood carvings/statues all over town! Something worth seeing – some of the craftsmanship is truly remarkable. Particularly as they do them with chainsaws, not a chisel and hammer or whatever! 😳

(Apologies for the blurriness in the wood carving photos – I was having trouble getting my camera to focus as the bus was going past)

Autumn and winter in one

We left Hope and hadn’t even hit the mountains when we had snow on the side of the road! Keeping in mind that this was the last day of September and technically still ‘summer driving’… 🤷‍♀️

Kelowna, BC

Kelowna’s own version of “Nessie” – Ogopogo

Stopped in at Kelowna, BC for a longer break/lunch. Very picturesque little town, especially down on the waterfront of Okanagan Lake. I continued my plan of ticking off the major Canadian restaurant chains (had done Tim Horton’s in Vancouver) so I had a beautiful chicken Caesar salad at Earls. Only wish I could have taken the leftovers with me!

Deer at Gray Monk Winery

After leaving Kelowna, we visited the Gray Monk Estate Winery (just outside Kelowna). The visit included a wine tasting but I don’t really drink so I stayed out on the balcony looking over the vineyard and taking in those AMAZING views over the lake! (What a hardship, right?) Even saw a few deer just chilling! (Canadian wildlife checklist – tick!)

View from the Gray Monk Estate Winery 😍

Craigellachie, BC

The Last Spike

After we left Kelowna we drove further into the mountains where we made a quick stop at Craigellachie and the Last Spike. This historical spot is where the east and west lines of the Canadian Pacific Railway joined. It was fascinating walking around the monument and reading all the inscriptions in the plaques… which were all in English and French of course! (If you aren’t aware, Canada has two official languages – English and French – so all of the official signage uses both in equal sizing.)

Revelstoke, BC

Our accommodation for the night was at the Sutton Place Hotel in Revelstoke, and it was a chilly first night in the mountains! But that really set the tone for the next few days! 😉

As with previous posts here, all of the thumbnail images are clickable if you’d like to see the larger version. At some point I will be putting together a more comprehensive album or gallery which will have more photos from the trip. I’ll link it from here (and probably do an update/news post on the blog) when I do.

Until next time!

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