Sunset over Noosa River, Sunshine Coast

It’s time for the Good News!

Yikes! It has been a Big Weekend (well, and end of last week!). So I thought it was time to share some of the good news! The Travel Bootcamp ❤ Only one week left until the webinar disappears! 😱 Launch of my online store! 🛒 So let’s dig in! The Travel Bootcamp This weekend was […] Read more…

pile of books with pencils sitting on top

Mental health: It’s okay to NOT be okay

It’s a familiar phrase, but worth repeating. It really is okay to NOT be okay. I don’t tend to post much really personal stuff in public, either here or on my open socials (Instagram, etc). I’m aiming to change that, though, so that people can see ME. I know how I appear to others may […] Read more…

humpback whale breaching

It’s Giveaway Time! Free print up for grabs!

A few days ago I finally passed something of a milestone I’d set for myself a while back… 2000 followers on my Instagram account! To celebrate, and say thank you to everyone who has followed and supported me, I decided to giveaway one of my prints to one lucky follower. Plot twist: The print that […] Read more…

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