Hello visitors and friends! I apologise for my general silence. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since I got back from Hervey Bay in August (!!). I thought I’d take the opportunity of this long weekend to give you an update on what’s been happening.

I realise that title is a bit misleading – whoops! 😬 I’m still here in Australia and no immediate plans for overseas travel, obviously! (Though I’ve been getting daily reminders from Facebook – exactly this time last year I was in Canada! 😭) COVID certainly had other plans for everyone this year, the least of which was any non-domestic travel.

So what’s been happening?

Webinar success!

The latest news – you probably saw it mentioned on my site or socials – is I held my first webinar yesterday! The topic was Whale watching and how to get those awesome photos! and I think it went pretty well! The session ended up being a bit under an hour and a half, after we dealt with some late comers and a few tech issues.

But this is 2020, the year of webinars and video meetings, and what online event would be complete without SOME sort of tech issue?! 😅

Adventuress Experience

Going back a bit further than this weekend, I’ve spent the last two months involved in a six-month life coaching course with Kait Rich and her team. This has been life changing. Kait and her team of coaches are so supportive and have helped me direct my focus where it needed to be. And the other Adventuress Experience (AE) participants are so inspiring! Seeing them kicking goals has really given me the drive to reach for what I want! And what I want is to not be working at a desk for the next 20-30 years of my life.

I’m still working through plans and and where I want to be in 12-18 months but I want it to involve a boat and whales/whale watching. I know my ideal day involves being on a boat, surrounded by beautiful marine wildlife… so watch this space!

I’ve also realised I really miss blogging. I miss writing! I used to do a lot of it years ago but just… got out of the habit. So this is me getting back INTO the habit. I want to share my life and travel stories with you! Even if they are over a year late… 🙈

(FYI, AE was a BIG part of me even holding the webinar in the first place. The program and people helped me realise that, yes, I have value and skills to offer people! Even for something as niche as whale photography! No way would I have even considered doing a webinar before I started the program. It’s amazing how mindset can change in such a short time!)

Hanging in Hervey Bay

I headed up to Hervey Bay in mid-August for two weeks on the Fraser Coast with the humpback whales. 💙 I was out on the water almost every day and it was MAGICAL.

Particularly the first few days I was up there – we had some INCREDIBLE close encounters with the whales. A particularly memorable one involved a subadult that mugged us for over TWO HOURS!! 😍😍 There is a reason why Hervey Bay is my favourite place to go whale watching.

Check out some of my photos below! (And there will be much, MUCH more coming about my time in HB – sooooo much content!)

If you want to check out more photos from my time up there, head to my Instagram or Facebook pages – pretty much every photo since August has been from that trip, I think! 😁

The return!

Speaking of HB, I’m heading back up there THIS WEEK!!! 🤩 As you can probably imagine, I’m pretty excited. While we had lots of super curious subadults in August, October is the time for mothers and their CALVES!! *squeal* Yes, beautiful bouncing babies. 😍 I adore watching the little ones learn how to whale.

I’ll only be up there for five nights but I plan to make the most of it. Whale watching season is almost over for another year 😭 so I have to get as much time with them as possible to get me through the next six months!

I think that brings me up to date! I’m planning on doing more blogging (and actually posting all that content I’ve got waiting) over the next few months. But please feel free to give me a poke if it looks like I’ve disappeared.

Until next time, friends! ✌

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