Did you hear the news? I’m offering a new online event, all about whale watching and whale photography!

After I posted my ‘top tips’ instastory and blog post a couple of months back, people had LOTS more questions. There were so many more things I wanted to cover!

While I would LOVE to share my knowledge through in-person whale photography tours 😍 it’s not so easy to do in this world of COVID-19.

Enter… the online event. It will be an hour-long webinar-style event and I’ll share with you some things I’ve learned whale watching the last 10 years. That will include things like:

  • What camera settings to use
  • Where (geographically) you can find whales – and which types!
  • Behaviours you’ll see the whales do
  • General tips when taking photos of whales (or wildlife, generally)
  • How to avoid or minimise seasickness

Yep, I’m even going to cover off a few tips to help you be comfortable on a boat! I know not everyone has a cast iron stomach…

I would love for you to join me at the event. I’m even going to prepare a ‘handout’ (what’s the online equivalent of a handout? ‘eBook’? 🤔) for attendees which will have a lot of the information I’m discussing.

To sign up for Whale watching and how to get those awesome photos!, CLICK THE LINK to secure your ticket/access.

As for the in-person whale photography tours/workshops? Well, I’m not ruling those out just yet. Keep an eye out for 2021! 🤞

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