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My Top Whale Encounters

A new follower recently asked me: “What’s your best/favourite whale encounter?”

Of course, I don’t have just ONE. 🙈

I have been blessed to have SO MANY great encounters – there’s simply no way I could choose just one. I ended up giving my top 3… with an honourable mention. 😂

A few days after that, a social media course I’m currently doing set an assignment for the week which involved one post per day for seven days on a particular topic (content pillar).

I was considering doing whales for my pillar so the question of favourite whale encounters seemed quite timely! Plus, it gave me the opportunity for a stroll down a very happy memory lane and to look at old photos… some of which I hadn’t even gotten around to editing yet. *gulp*

Below are the blog entries for my top whale encounters… as at early June 2020. Who knows what may happen this coming whale season! 😁

  1. Mum and newborn calf! (July 2018)
  2. My FIRST encounter with Migaloo! (July 2016)
  3. Held hostage by P!nk-loving whales! (July 2019)
  4. My first time swimming with the whales! (August 2019)
  5. My THIRD encounter with MIGALOO! (September 2017)
  6. My second encounter with MIGALOO! (July 2017)
Mother humpback whale and newborn calf