Yikes! It has been a Big Weekend (well, and end of last week!). So I thought it was time to share some of the good news!

  • The Travel Bootcamp ❤
  • Only one week left until the webinar disappears! 😱
  • Launch of my online store! 🛒

So let’s dig in!

The Travel Bootcamp

This weekend was the very first VIRTUAL event from the awesome team at The Travel Bootcamp (TBC)! I had previously bought my ticket for the in-person event (originally scheduled for July in Melbourne) before COVID shut it all down, so the ladies decided to pivot and hold an online event.

And it was spectacular!! So much information. So much inspiration. My brain is buzzing with ideas and a few questions too. I also know where my pain points are coming up so I’m ready to do some work. 💪

The best part of the two-day event was two friends (Fiona aka Playful Lens and Sally from Get Out There Adventures) and I were invited down to the Gold Coast where TBC was being held… so we could take part in person! 🤩

It involved getting up in front of the video camera (live stream 😬😬) and answering some questions from Kait Rich, our business coach (and all around badass), about our wins, respective journeys, and the hurdles we’ve had along the way.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t anywhere near as nerve wracking as I was expecting! 😂 But I’m maintaining I got the easy questions. Heh!

Anyway, it was a FANTASTIC day (completely awesome weekend, TBH) and such an amazing opportunity being asked to participate like that! I’ve already mentioned it to a few people in DMs but the energy in the room was just 🔥🔥🔥. Honestly, so inspiring watching the event unfold in front of us and seeing, up close, how they totally SLAYED it.

Plus I had the opportunity to meet all the ladies in person as well as one of our AE program leaders, Brigid! 💗

Have you watched the webinar yet?? One week left!

The webinar I held at the beginning of October – while done live – was actually recorded! That recording has been available to all registrants up to 28 days after the event.

BUT. That 28 days is almost up! In fact, access to the webinar will disappear in ONE WEEK – on Sunday, 1 November. 😱

If you missed the live event but would still like to watch the webinar, head to this page and follow the link to REGISTER! It will give you access to the webinar AND when I get the notification, I’ll email you the full PDF ebook made especially for the webinar! I’m pretty proud of the ebook – it has all the information from the presentation PLUS some additional stuff that I had to chop for time. 🙈 (Yeah, yeah, I know I can be a blabber mouth… 🤐)

If you have ANY questions when you finish the webinar, please feel free to drop me an email, hit up my DMs or leave a comment here. I’m happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

I have an online store!

It’s been such a crazy-pants couple of weeks I think I actually forgot to announce this. 🤦‍♀️ What a numpty.

My online store is now LIVE!!

You can order from a limited selection of prints (so far!). If there’s a particular image/print you want – maybe you saw something on my instagram that you liked? – but it’s not listed, please contact me and I can absolutely help you.

I am planning to put more prints up but I wanted to have something up rather than wait forever until it was ‘perfect’ (haha RIGHT) and never get it done… 😅

The link to the store is also in the main navigation menu above.

And I think that’s all the Good News! Well, those are the major points anyway.

What good news do you have? Please share it in the comments! I’d love to hear the good stuff that’s been happening to you. 💙

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