A very quick post to let site visitors know about some recent announcements to help you improve your whale photography. (Yep, I have posted about these on socials but was so busy with the backend of this site that I forgot about the frontend updates!)

In the last week or so I’ve just released a couple of things that could help you take whale photos. Let’s jump in!

Announcement #1 – FREE ebook: Top Tips for Whale Photography

The ‘how to take whale photos – my top 10 tips‘ blog post has been chopped, changed and molded into a brand spankin’ new ebook! The book is available as a printable PDF file and is 100% FREE. (Because who doesn’t love free stuff, right?)

You also receive a BONUS checklist when you download the freebie, which will help make your day whale watching both comfortable and memorable.

Click the image below for more info and to claim your free copy!

(Sidenote: This next announcement is the one that I’m really excited about! 🤩)

Announcement #2 – 2021 Tours

Yes, you are correct – I am running whale photography tours this year! And I am suuuuuper pumped about it. 😁

These tours are the perfect opportunity if you’ve ever wanted to pick my brains or learn from me in person. I’m finalising some of the finer details but have already settled some of the other details.

Head to the Whale Photography tours in 2021 page for more info and add yourself to the updates list!

Whale Photography Tours in 2021!

Aaaand that’s about it from me. It has been a crazy busy (or just plain crazy 🥴) few months since the last update and I think there are a few things still to come. 🙈 BUT the only way to get through it is to do little bits each day. Micro actions lead to macro results. This is something I still need to remind myself of… and I’m getting there.

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