A very (very VERY) belated update!

My second last post before this one (hilariously) mentioned 2019 going by in a flash – blink and you miss it. Considering we are now in the last week of DECEMBER 😱 with only one post between then and now, I think it’s safe to say this year has been on fast-forward since the midpoint! […] Read more…

red and white lighthouse viewed from the water

Sydney highlights

We’ve hit 3 weeks since my Sydney trip so I’m getting a wriggle on and finally posting about it! The first day was reasonably uneventful (other than a dropped phone and partially cracked screen 🤦🏻‍♀️) so moving along… Whale watching Day 2 was my first day of whale watching in Sydney. I booked on the […] Read more…

view over bondi beach and north bondi

Hellooooo from Sydney!

Hello from sunny (but chilly! 🥶) Sydney! I flew in this morning and am coming to the end of my first day. Wanted to share a couple of tips that made my day a whoooole lot easier. Frequent flyer = YES So my (early) morning started by heading straight to the Brisbane Virgin Australia Lounge […] Read more…

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