This site has been through a few different incarnations over the years but I’m trying to go more graphics/photos lite – not easy for a photographer! – and bump up the writing. I miss sharing the written word! (Way back in ye olde days 👵🏻, I spent a LOT of time on a particular online blogging site. 🙈 Yep, guilty!)

More is coming! Particularly about the trips I took in 2018 and 2019. With international and domestic borders basically closed, I think most of us don’t mind hearing travel tales!

My plan is also to share a lot more tips about photography, whale watching and travel. Plus a few exciting events to come…!

Who is Sez?

  • Australian, based in Queensland
  • Loves landscape and wildlife photography
  • Passionate about whales and whale watching
  • Would spend most of the year travelling if able
  • Camera: Sony Alpha 7R Mark III
  • Favourite holiday: Cook Islands 2018
  • Social: Mostly on Instagram (@sarahmgower)
  • Moderator of Whales Australia (IG: @whales_australia; FB: @whalesaustralia)

You can find more of my work on Instagram under the #whalesbysez tag (whale photos) or #travelswithsez tag (travel fun!).