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Some of you may remember the previous incarnation of sarahmgower.com – an online portfolio of photography and an online shop that I was never quite happy with (and never really got off the ground).

In late-2018/early-2019, I scrapped the website while I tried to figure out what direction I wanted to take things.

I didn’t want this to be just a photography shop/portfolio… I miss having somewhere to post my stories. Travel, whale watching… and whatever else happens to pop into my head.

So, welcome to Tales of Wandering and Whales, my repurposed site that will be a blog first and foremost about travel, photography and my other passion – whales and whale watching.

Who is Sez?

  • Australian, based in Queensland
  • Loves landscape and wildlife photography
  • Passionate about whales and whale watching
  • Camera: Sony Alpha 7R Mark III
  • Favourite holiday: Cook Islands 2018
  • Social: Mostly find me on Instagram (@sarahmgower)
  • Moderator of Whales Australia (IG: @whales_australia; FB: @whalesaustralia)
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