My second last post before this one (hilariously) mentioned 2019 going by in a flash – blink and you miss it. Considering we are now in the last week of DECEMBER 😱 with only one post between then and now, I think it’s safe to say this year has been on fast-forward since the midpoint! 😬

So what’s been happening since my Sydney travels? Holy dooly, SO MUCH. I’ll give the dot point version here and I WILL actually come back and do more in depth posts about my travels!

  • Mid-August saw me returning to Hervey Bay for a bit over a week. Had the most AMAZEBALLS time (using that completely unironically because OMG it was absolutely the BEST!) which included checking off a bucket list item of mine… swimming with humpback whales. There was a whole lotta 😍😍 going on, lemme tell you!
  • End of September brought about my first solo overseas trip – to CANADA! It was an incredible trip, awesome people, great food, unforgettable experiences… y’know, all the stuff you expect from such an amazing country. Lots more 😍 had here.
  • I was in Canada through until mid-October. I was no sooner back in Brisbane – literally 2 days! – then I was repacking my bag and off to Perth for 5 days! (I had actually organised Perth aaaages before Canada ever became a planned trip.) The west coast is beautiful and I had a lot more fun adventures.

Which brings us to now. It has been a seriously busy year – I’ll probably do a tally at some point, of how many kilometres I travelled 🙈 – and I’m only now just starting to recover. End of year burnout is totally a thing.

How has your year been? Have you done any travelling? Any special trips?

PS A belated happy holidays! Can you believe we’re less than a week away from New Years? Yikes.

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