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  • Whale Watching

    Top/favourite whale encounters #2

    HAPPY HUMP(BACK) DAY, FOLKS! We’re almost there! (Both with the week and this list. 😂)

    Today is the penultimate in my list of top/favourite whale encounters. This encounter took place ON my actual birthday so it was special for that reason but also because it was…

    #2 My FIRST encounter with Migaloo! (July 2016)

    We’d been tracking Migs since before he went past Byron Bay so we knew he was on his way… it was just a question of would he arrive on THAT day or slip past us during the night? (Please no, please no, please no… 🙏)


    I went out on a morning tour with another operator but we didn’t see a peep. The whales were, bizarrely, pretty quiet. I think I may have taken 20 photos in TOTAL?? And I usually average HUNDREDS (on occasion, over a thousand 😅) when I’m on a whale watching tour. So it was just WEIRD. I don’t think I’m reading into it too much when I say there was an air of anticipation around and the humans weren’t the only ones feeling it!

    When the morning tour got back in, I went straight over to Sea World Whale Watch (now Whale Watch Australia) and got booked into the afternoon tour. It was a grey, extremely overcast and occasionally drizzly afternoon… but we had high hopes and our fingers (and toes) crossed, so we set off down the coast.

  • Whale Watching

    Top/favourite whale encounters #3

    So here we are now with my TOP 3 whale encounters. Hilariously, these have all happened either ON or around my birthday. I’m not saying that has anything to do with anything but… 🤷🏻‍♀️😜

    #3 Held hostage by P!nk-loving whales!

    I realise most of you are probably going “What the hell is she sniffing?” 😂 Allow me to explain.

    Late last July, a couple of days after my birthday, I went out whale watching with Tweed Gold Coast Dive Charters (owner Dave, his wife Tammie plus there were a few Instagram friends also on board!). We left from Tweed, hit the open ocean at the Tweed Bar (basically right beside the NSW/QLD border), and headed further offshore in search of humpies.

    And then we proceeded to have our MINDS BLOWN for over 3 hours.